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Entrepreneurial spirit: thick and German, sincere letter

Focus on research and development efforts to do quality, improve the quality of integrity, excellent service extension market, strong team quality, strict management of the benefits of "five main lines of work" to vigorously implement the production as the center to grasp the technology products to sales as the leading network expansion Grasping the market, focusing on technology to support high-design research and development, focusing on the quality of the process of strict integrity, service as a means to grasp the demand for customer service to manage efficiency in order to ensure efficiency "six-wheel drive strategy."

Development concept: innovation is the fundamental, quality of life, pragmatism is the purpose, efficiency is the goal

Service policy: Care for children, serve the family, social returns

Cultivate first-class team, the production of first-class products, building first-class enterprises, boosting the spirit of God, activate the endogenous power, polymerization positive energy.

Development approach: adhere to the people-oriented and live in harmony; keep the sincere unity, the same frequency resonance; based on the existing conditions, step by step; implementation of market-leading, science and technology support; strengthen the integrity-based, quality win; follow the brand effect, precision investment; establish service concept , To ensure demand; to ensure a beautiful environment, fire safety; to carry out the internal and external innovation, self-improvement; respected sustainable innovation, the pursuit of excellence; efforts to meet the difficulties, work together to tackle hardships; encourage careful planning, saving potential; focus on internal quality, plastic image ; Advocate positive, responsibility to play.

Quality assurance
The good faith
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Professional and

We must strive for perfection and serve every customer with care, family and society


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