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Eight things to note when using a stroller
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Parents like to take their baby to outdoor activities, while the baby likes to sit in the car, so the safety of the pram becomes very important.

In the purchase, we must first pay attention to whether the seat belt is strong and easy to adjust; frame should be the main lock and additional safety locks, two rear wheel locks can be locked at the same time; there must be sufficient seating space and support Force; must have a pedal design, and single-hand cart should be able to continue moving forward, while not swinging left and right; the body can not have a greater than the gap of the finger bit, so as not to infants injured or sprained hands.

Before going out, check the performance of various parts of the stroller to ensure that all the strollers expand, all parts of the tight clamping, braking performance is good.

Do not push onto rough terrain because the car bumps up and down and makes the baby feel very upset and the unstable environment may also hurt the baby.

Roadside and other dusty, dirty air, less chaotic environment, the best to the car less, fresh air, open space park, this environment is conducive to the baby's health.

To regularly check the stroller there is no fault, such as the body structure of the junction is solid, with or without screws and so on.

When going out, pay attention to the weather changes. When it is cold, put a blanket in the stroller and put the child in a car. If your child is asleep outdoors, put the pushchair in a lying position or use a cloth seat to seat the baby comfortably.

Do not forget to keep the baby alone in the stroller at any time, and be sure to educate the baby not to put your finger in the wheel from an early age.

Strollers can be divided into sitting and horizontal two, either, it is best to let infants under 6 months of use, as more than 6 months of infant activity ability, more prone to accidents. In addition, do not hang sundries or sun umbrellas on baby handrails, otherwise the stroller may fall down with unstable center of gravity.

In addition, parents should remember not to overuse strollers, which will reduce children's motivation to exercise, so that children's exercise less, is not conducive to the development of athletic performance, and may lead to excessive obesity in infants and young children.

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