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Baby buggy common problem explanation
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1, when buying the car is often read that A car or B car, promoters introduced when it will say that this car is A car or B car, in the end what is the A car and B car?

In the stroller market in Asia, stroller generally divided into two types of A and B type.

A type of car for two months after the baby, the head can be used to support their own time, this time the baby can not sit on their own, while the A-type car is able to lay for the baby. And A-type car wheels larger, bumpy ground uneven bump less, the baby will feel very safe to sit. In addition, some A-type car handle direction can be switched, the mother can see the baby when the cart. However, the disadvantage of the A-type car is that it is too heavy and takes up a place. In general, the A-type car is the baby's first stroller. This is also known as the A-type flat-lying cars.

After the baby is about 7 months old, with the ability to sit tight, the mother can choose to B-type car to the baby, compact and lightweight B-type car than the A less bulky, easy to store, do not occupy the place, and more Suitable for long-distance travel and shopping.

In addition, in addition to Asian specifications, there are also Europe and the United States produced stroller, this car can be like the A-type car can lie down, but at the same time with a B-type car light, easy to store. This is what we usually call the umbrella car.

No matter what kind of style, can use the baby about 2 years old.

2, baby stroller product variety, how to choose it?

Buy a type A car or B type car is often troubled mothers, if you want your baby to use the stroller as soon as possible, then buy a type A car, if you feel like holding before half a year does not matter, or want more intimate contact with the baby, Then buy a B-type car is also possible.

After confirming type A or type B, you also need to confirm the parameters and specific structure of the stroller, including the size and weight when unfolding and shrinking, whether the opening and closing are smooth, the width of the seat, how the backrest is laid down, whether the seat is easily contaminated Perspiration and so on. For the A-type car, but also consider the handle direction can be switched, but also to confirm how to switch.

At the same time also according to the parents' figure, if height is tall, then need to choose the handle height adjustable style. In addition, the living environment also needs to be taken into consideration. If the living floor is higher and there is no elevator, then it is best to buy a type B car. If the road around the residence is bumpy, then choose a type A car.

3, the market is generally what the price of baby trolley?

The price of baby strollers Because of the difference between type A (flat-lying stroller) and type B (parachute), the prices are also different. Generally speaking, the price of umbrella strollers is generally lower than that of strollers, and the price of umbrella strollers Within 200 yuan, a few dozens of low-cost products, mom must be carefully considered. The price of the cart is generally 200 yuan to 400 this range, about 150 yuan of products there is no shortage of numbers. Some high-end carts are generally priced at about 500 yuan, and even thousands of products.

The stroller is very practical for parents, it not only makes our baby very comfortable, but also for you to save a lot of effort. Stroller compared to other baby's daily necessities, the price is relatively high. Therefore, the best parents do their homework, choose a suitable baby stroller.

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