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1, for joining the "legendary Beibei," the dealer, by joining the phones or e-mail to the "legendary Beibei" regional manager for consultation and communication.

2, fill in the application form to join the process: Early telephones communication, the company marketing staff will join the application form and related information to visit.

3, Market Research: According to the application information of franchisees, the company will review according to the maturity of the local market, competition conditions, consumption conditions, locations and other conditions, as well as franchisees own mode of operation, funds and so on.

4, signed a contract to join: the company based on market research report for review, after the approval by the parties agreed time, invite the franchisees to bring the relevant information to the company officially signed the contract.

5, issued a franchise power of attorney: with the franchisee signed a contract, the franchisee issued to the business power of attorney, license plate, prove franchisee "legendary Babe" trademark has the right to use.

7, the development of franchise preparation plans: business license, recruitment training, the company designed the store decoration program, planning the opening of the image of publicity, product distribution.

8, the official business.

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