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1, in the local business has a good reputation and business reputation, and abide by the law and the company's relevant rules and regulations, corporate identity and corporate culture and business philosophy.

2, a professionalism, customer service enthusiasm, ambitious ambitions and entrepreneurship and innovation. The legendary Beibei children's products have strong management and brand awareness, with team spirit, with the company create a brand name stormy, sustainable management concept.

3, with corporate juridical person, a fixed by the business registration office space, and office space must be established in the capital city or the province's major developed cities.

4, to join the regional children's car market have a more comprehensive understanding and engaged in the baby carriage industry experience for more than 3 years. A more complete sales network and sufficient working capital.

5, with high-quality marketing team, and improve after-sales service staff protection and loyalty management team.

6, can actively cooperate with the headquarters of the unified market operation, accept the headquarters management and guidance, and timely feedback to the headquarters of market information.

7, willing to accept the company's standard training. Able to comply with the requirements of the company strictly enforce the brand standards, the agent price and the terminal preferential policies.


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