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Shandong legend Beibei Children's Products Co., Ltd. is a set research and development design, production and sales as one of the high-grade, diversified baby strollers, umbrella cars, chairs and other three major series, more than 30 varieties of the main brand of high-tech Modern children's products manufacturing enterprises.

1, the mature design scale and solid hardware foundation

The company has eight management and control systems such as production scheduling, safety and environmental protection, procurement control, marketing development, research and development support, quality assurance, financial management and administrative services, and fully undertakes the functions of production and operation management services of the Company. The Company has established the functions of hardware, spraying, , Sewing, assembly and other six of the most advanced production lines, constitute a scientific and complete production of the main body; have all kinds of professional machinery and equipment and testing nearly 2,000 sets of testing equipment. Already have a 100 million baby stroller design scale and production capacity. Gradually reinforce the hardware business foundation.

2, excellent corporate soft power

Company employees 400 people, including all types of production and technical personnel and management of the backbone of 88 people. Enterprises adhere to the "thick and virtuous, honest letter", closely focus on research and development to do fine, quality and integrity, excellent service extension market, strong team quality, strict management of the "five main lines of work," vigorously implement the production Center to mention technology grasping products, sales as a leader to expand the network to catch the market, technology-based design to support high-R & D to focus on the quality of the process of strict integrity, service as a means to grasp the demand for customer service management to ensure efficiency "Six-wheel drive strategy" actively adhering to the "innovation is the fundamental, quality of life, pragmatism is the purpose of efficiency is the goal of" development concept, always adhere to the "care for children, serve the family, social returns," service guidelines, training first-class team, producing first-class products , Building a first-class enterprise, boosting the essence of the spirit, activating endogenous forces, and pooling positive energy. Adhere to the people-oriented, harmonious coexistence; keep the sincere unity, the same frequency resonance; based on the existing conditions, step by step; implementation of market-leading, science and technology support; strengthen integrity-based, quality win; follow the brand effect, precision investment; establish service philosophy to protect demand ; To ensure a beautiful environment, fire safety; to carry out the internal and external innovation, self-improvement; respected sustainable innovation, the pursuit of excellence; efforts to meet the difficulties and work together to tackle hardships; encourage careful planning, conservation and tapping potential; focus on quality, plastic image; advocate positive As, responsibility to bear. Constantly improve the soft power of enterprises.

3, deeply rooted brand image

After more than six years of exploration and accumulation of the company accumulated carefully nurtured and grand launch of the "legendary Beibei" beautiful brand. Through the anticipation of the target market and intensive and intensive work in the current market, the Company not only adopts the traditional marketing mode and the e-commerce mode-compatible investment promotion to enhance its competitiveness, but also utilizes various domestic and international trade shows and exchange platforms such as the Canton Fair to expand its popularity. In 2013 and 2016 Has joined the ranks of Lynx and JD.com to boost the sales network to both domestic and international markets. At present, the three series of umbrella cars, strollers and dining chairs are not only popular in various provinces, cities, Hong Kong, Maucao, Taiwan, but also exported to Asia, Europe, South America, Azerbaijan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine , Chile, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions. On this basis, we are developing emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia and Thailand and continue to maintain a strong momentum of development. This has basically created a favorable situation in terms of both sales and demand and even demand. Our products have won universal acclaim from customers and won praise from the industry. Achieved significant economic benefits. In 2017, it produced and sold 500,000 baby strollers and achieved sales revenue of 80 million yuan. While fostering brands, developing markets, expanding sales and increasing profits, the company has made breakthrough progress in social benefits: the Company actively participated in public welfare projects such as helping the poor and helping the poor, helping the poor and the brimming spirits, With more than 2,000 resettlers migrant workers, laid-off workers, college graduates and demobilized veterans who are seasonally and seasonably employed on a flexible basis, they not only learned the skill but also their life values, relieving the pressure from the government and society. Spiritual and material civilization of the double harvest, and promote enterprises to embark on a comprehensive, sustained, stable and healthy development of the fast lane.

4, superb technology, excellent equipment, strict attitude, safety and health

Company thanked all sectors of the community for their dedication and hard work dedicated dedication to strict management, superb technology, excellent equipment, superb technology, cutting-edge design and superior materials, excellence, crafted eco-friendly, green, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly quality series Products, in order to expand the market, compete, create business opportunities and win credibility, has passed ISO 9001 quality system certification and safety standardization, access to stroller design patents, children's stroller China Compulsory Certification, stroller export toys registered Registration, is China Toy and Baby Products Association member units, Shandong Province, China stroller Tong bed Association President units, China stroller Top Ten brands, Jining City, "benevolent Lushang" Triplex quality brand, is applying for Jining City Engineering Laboratory , Jining R & D Center, Legendary Babe Baby Products R & D Center, Jining Hi-tech Enterprise and Shandong Famous Trademark are among the large-scale industrial enterprises in Weishan County and one of the largest baby carriage manufacturers in Lunan. Meanwhile, Or Weishan County Optimization Development Environment Committee office Point Protection Unit, Weishan County Civilization Unit in 2015 and 2016 and Weishan County Tax Class A Taxpayer, ranked as Advanced Economic Development Enterprise by Weishan Economic Development Zone for six consecutive years and awarded by Weishan General Labor Union in 2017 "May 1 Jinguo certificate" honorary title.

The company has a bright future with great industry potential and strong technical force. Its product quality assurance, obvious brand advantages, perfect service system, sound organizational structure, complete qualification procedures, scientific and orderly management, efficient and standardized operation, convenient transportation and favorable welfare benefits. It is your best choice to exert your talents, reflect values, enrich your life, invest and start business, create wealth and contribute to the community.

Shandong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Association, Jining Youth Entrepreneurs Association, Jining City Federation of Industry (General Chamber of Commerce) Executive Committee, Weishan CPPCC Standing Committee, Weishan County Federation of Industry (General Chamber of Commerce) Vice Chairman, Weishan County first The civilized family winners, chairman and general manager Mr. Wang Jikai together with all the legendary business people: wholeheartedly invite, people with lofty ideals and colleagues in the industry to join the legendary Beibei, heart and soul, go hand in hand, adapt to the normal, to meet the challenges, leading the consumer, Be bigger and stronger, seize the opportunity, leapfrog development, create success, and then cast glory!

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