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Ten details to buy for a stroller
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As the name implies, a stroller is a car that a baby sits on, and this only refers to the surface on which the stroller works. Today for everyone to introduce some basic knowledge of baby car.

The role of strollers: Many mothers will think the role of strollers is limited to the baby sitting easy to travel, easy and simple is the baby's transport. In fact, it also has another important role is the baby exercise tool. If you realize that, you will have a deeper view of it. It's a lot of help for you to buy a stroller. It's like this, you do not know its essential things, you will be confused by the surface of the things, once you know that then you understand. Then you will have the feeling of cloud fog.

In general, the baby is raised about 2 months after birth, and it is still a little difficult at this time to do it. Travel as long as the special circumstances will be carried out, the baby sleep in the above is still possible, then the baby car has become a comfort zone for the baby. This is the first role a stroller can play. You can put the baby on the car with baby simple travel. But this time the baby car still used very little. After all, the baby is too small, there are many places that need our attention. Seven months after the baby will be able to sit on its own. The second role of baby carriage to play out. At this moment, you can take your baby out for a walk after eating dinner every day. At this stage you can see the baby will sit quietly on his horse to feel the colorful world outside, from time to time with a smile. But as the baby grew older, he was less well-rested on his mount. The third role of the stroller came out then. It became the baby's exercise tool. Baby will do the gestures in the car, with the car moved to remove. The baby begins to integrate into this world with one's own strength. At this moment, the stroller promotes the children's mind development and enhances the flexibility of the child, and the various parts of the body begin to exercise. Promote the baby's healthy development.

In summary, I told you about the three major roles of baby car: 1, sleep, 2, mount, 3, exercise tools or fitness equipment. Before we talked about the role of strollers, many of my friends spoke very well in place is very deep, but I hope I get some practical things out. Today to share some of the stroller to buy some experience --- buy stroller need to pay attention to the top ten details.

The first big detail: color. Many of my friends do not care about the choice of color when choosing a baby stroller, just choose with their own liking. In fact, you want to think you have not asked her what kind of color she likes. Some mothers will say my baby still can not speak. Because of this, Mom and Dad ignored the baby's existence. I suggest that you try to choose those warm-colored series in the choice of a stroller, can not choose too deep. Some understanding of the color of the system will know friends, the color will affect a person's mood. Black makes everyone feel deep, depressed. Yellow and orange let your baby feel happy and happy. Cyan, gray green will make people quiet. If you do not want to make your baby later with some melancholy personality, it is best not to choose cool colors and extreme colors.

The second largest detail: fabric. Stroller fabric smell, whether there is any harmful substances need mothers to consider for the baby. When shopping you can sniff the nose smell if there are those weird taste, which is the general sales staff will tell you that this is normal. A few days to buy it back to nothing. But the mothers should know in the heart what it is. If it is the kind of pungent smell it certainly will not work.

The third largest detail: height. The degree of baby carriage is also very important, too high will have a baby's safety problems, if sometimes the baby sitting inside yourself and other things are busy, the baby naughty accidentally fell down, this is not a joke, all that Can not be too high It's too short to work. Now a popular saying is that when you often play with your baby, the baby sitting in the stroller will absorb the exhaust of the car, which is what we have to consider, the choice is higher than the car's exhaust pipe height.

Fourth largest detail: handrail. First you have to look at the quality of handrails material is solid. Handrail surrounded by no protection. Because the baby is very fond of using teeth to bite the handrail, surrounded by cloth do not worry about the baby's teeth.

Fifth largest detail: connector. All connections have connectors, some with screws, some with plastic connection block connection. No matter what kind of you have to check its solidity, you can shake the car slightly with your hand to check if it is loose.

The sixth largest detail: folded. Ordinary strollers are foldable. This is not easy to take care of place. There is cloth can be removed for cleaning, baby strollers in the process of using the baby will be dirty, this time we need to remove the cleaning and disinfection drying.

The seventh largest detail: size. The size should be appropriate, the car is too small, such as the baby grew up can not be used. Its life cycle is shortened. The car is too unsafe baby easily fall from the inside.

The eighth largest detail: the wheel. The quality of the wheel is directly related to the quality of the stroller. The road is too small wheel traffic can not pass. There are wheels shock absorption, the wheels of the wheel shaft is solid. Is the axle too thin?

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