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Baby stroller before use to do this really good for the baby!
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Select the stroller, we must check to see if the car is open, seat belts, locks and insurance equipment fit the norms. Seat pocket to deep, if too shallow, the baby turn or twist a simple rollover.

Pay attention to whether the cushion thickness is satisfied. In general, the more the cart pad, then the more the baby can have a greater sense of security Moreover, the baby body soft, simple bump bruises, so if the left and right sides with a cushion, we can provide a certain degree of security assurance .

The skeleton of the stroller is generally planned to be lockable joints, so as to be convenient for collection or delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the convergence of the car is safe when selecting the stroller. Otherwise, when the baby sits in the car and the joint of the frame fails, Close, the body will hurt the baby.

Strollers should have wheels that are large and not slippery, and some strollers have wheels that are shockproof.

Whether the brake is outstanding, in order to stop the car in time when an accident occurs.

In addition to looking at the style and color of the car at the time of purchase, look carefully at the frame surface for any paint drops, scratches or other imperfections, the combination of body structure and screws are reliable, and equipment flexibility and effectiveness .

Check if there is a hole in the body to prevent the baby from sticking his fingers into the clip.

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