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Eliminate nine riding hazards to defend the baby
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In everyday life, take the baby out shopping or play. Parents are most concerned about the safety of the baby, but most parents often neglect the car most vulnerable to some of the details of the baby, then as parents should pay attention to what matters? Let's take a look at the nine hidden problems that parents must pay attention to:

A hidden danger: parents holding their children ride

Phenomenon: When traveling, many parents are accustomed to holding young children in their arms.

Comments: Because children sit relatively low, the head just in the parents 'chest, in the event of a violent collision, the parents' chest will naturally pressure down, violently depressed the child's head and neck, causing great damage to the child. In addition, when the car is suddenly braked when traveling at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, a baby weighing 5.5 kilos will become 110 kilos under inertia. So parents can not afford to protect their children.

Hidden two: let your child get on and off

Phenomenon: When parents arrived at their destination by car, the children hurriedly opened the door and rushed outside.

Comments: children effortless, if the door is not open when the door opens, will cause the door slightly rebound. For immature children, this may hurt children's fingers. In addition, the driver's seat on the other side of the road traffic and traffic conditions, the parents may not be so clear. Proposed young parents best to get off the door to their children, off the door.

Hidden three: children sitting in the co-pilot position

Phenomenon: while car driving while taking care of children, some parents hold their children to co-pilot position.

Comments: Let the children sitting in the co-pilot position is not wise choice. Some cars have dual airbags, in the event of dangerous airbags open, block between the body and people, so that people from harm. However, due to the child's upper body short, the locations of the air bag is often open in the child's head, not only can not protect children, but will cause harm. Therefore, children under the age of 12 must sit in the back row.

Hidden four: leave the child alone in the car

Phenomenon: Some parents in the car during the temporary leave, put the child in the car.

Comments: children prone to car hypoxia and other problems suffocation. It is reported that a U.S. woman drank too much when driving to visit her friend and parked at a gas station on her way home in the morning to change her taxi. But she only took away the 3-year-old son, the year only 8

Months old son forgot in the car. When the police discovered the child in the car at 2 pm, the temperature in the car reached 56 ° C. The child was asphyxiated because of the fever and died of hospital rescues.

Hidden five: installed a child seat assured

Phenomenon: Some parents have purchased a car seat for their children, but did not pay attention to the installation locations is appropriate.

Comments: car child seats should be installed in the car back seat. The safest place in the United States now generally recommended for children is the back of the car. Among them, the baby car seat must be placed in the back seat and the baby facing back. And in the growing up of children, parents are advised to buy at least two different kinds of car seats.

Hidden six: let the child head out of the skylight

Phenomenon: Parents open the sunroof or window, let the child head out to see the scenery outside the window.

Comments: there are hard objects flying or skylight emergency problems so that children hurt. It is reported that a car owner has his child put his head out of the skylight after parking. As a result, the skylight automatically shuts off after the engine is turned off, injuring the child's head. Although such a small number of accidents, but also remind keep vigilance. Experts suggest that parents driving a car to open the skylight or window, we must take good care of their children. Sometimes children naughty, I do not know the depth, you need to always be told, from time to time protection.

Hidden seven: children tied adult seat belts

Phenomenon: Many parents like to give young children tied adult-specific seat belts.

Comments: In general, car seats and seat belts are designed for adults, not suitable for children's body shape. Children using adult seat belts, if tied too tight, in the car accident will have the opportunity to cause fatal crushing of the waist or neck cheeks. If the car is too loose and the vehicle collides, the child may fly out of the empty space between the seat belt and the seat.

Eight hidden dangers: when driving with children joking

Phenomenon: Many people use the transit as the best time to communicate with their children. While driving, parents chatting with their children, telling stories and even laughing. Still others bring a whole bunch of snacks for kids to eat.

Comments: As distracted children in the body, a serious impact on traffic safety. Must pay attention when driving, told the child before leaving the car quiet; if the child has something to help you, it is best to find a suitable place for parking, and then deal with children.

Nine hidden dangers: car piling decorations

Phenomenon: Parents in their own car stacked a lot of decorations.

Comments: For interior decoration, there must be no sharp and hard things, so as to ensure that children will not be injured in the event of an accident due to impact on them. In addition, some conditions may be harmful to adults but may harm infants and toddlers. Such as the perfume placed in front of the car, decorated with small pets, such as adhesion is not strong, once the rear-end will be catastrophic catapults, the height is often just the locations of the child's head.

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