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Baby car features
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Baby strollers are versatile, and the strollers in the market today are multi-purpose consumers. Below, let's understand the normal function of the baby car!

1, awning awning The main role is to block the sun and the wind, its size determines the extent of its block the sun and wind. Now there are umbrellas that can be fixed in the car at any time to adjust the actual situation, this sunshade by the environment constraints smaller, but also resistant to UV, parents can purchase according to the actual situation. Removable or stowed when not in use, hanging back or close to the back of the chair. In addition, the top half of the best to have a transparent window to view the baby's window design.

2, seat cushion is a direct contact with the baby part, different stroller cushion design will be different. Both can sit and sleep can be larger two-wheeler, cushion heavier, and some easy to sell as a selling point of the car usually only a thin layer of the seat. Also note that when the car placed heavy objects, if the seat cushion has a significant droop, this shows that the stroller's supportive force is not enough, such a cart should not be purchased, because that baby will feel uncomfortable. In addition, you can place a soft and comfortable head cushion on the cushion, or direct purchase of a headrest cushion designed products to protect the child's head.

3, baby sleeping basket can sleep inside, go out when you can put in your hands, and now many places on the baby stroller can also place a sleeping basket.

4, the safety seat designed specifically for the baby ride, ride can be used to bring the safety belt to prevent the baby in the car by the extrusion and collision.

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